An Ode To Glamour

Whatever happened to the iconic fashion of times gone by? Times when ball gowns were worn to the theatre, evening dresses to dinner and the magic of Golden Age Hollywood glamour echoed through fashion.

Flossy is for women and girls who want to dress up, stand out, and embody that “main character” feeling - every day.

Attainable Luxury

Statement pieces were made to be worn, not gather dust in a store window. Our unwavering commitment to sourcing the highest quality fabrics while cutting out the middle man means we can develop timeless, iconic, quality garments you’ll cherish forever at prices that are fairer for you than the designer labels.

Magnificence In Every Detail

Each seam of our dresses is stitched with magic. From manufacturing to design, we’ve focused on capturing the regal elegance of times gone by in all of our garments. No corners have been cut for the sake of profit, and every detail has been meticulously considered to bring you special pieces you will fall madly in love with.

Unapologetically Feminine

Flossy dresses are a protest against the overly casual style of the modern day. Each piece we produce is intended to inspire the renaissance of sophistication, and more importantly - empower you to feel sparkly and confident wherever you go.